Saturday, April 10, 2010

What a great nap! I got to sleep on mommies chest today while she was watching a movie. I love sleeping with mommie, it's so much better than that darn crib. (I know mommie likes it too!) So, it looks like we have some catching up to do so I'm going to make this a picture post. Some holidays, so of my favorites and some that I know my mommie and daddie love! Enjoy!

Friday, April 9, 2010

This is what happens when my mother is bored....

I'm Jared and I'm an 8 mths old happy bouncing baby boy! I've got one crazy family and that includes my mommie and daddie, who are the awesomest! Both are teachers and I intend on making life as rough as possible. Why? Because I can and I know they can handle it. I'm new to the blogging, so be kind to me. I guess I will first share about the day I meet my mommie, daddie and all these other people that are so important to me!

On August 3rd, 2009 my mommie was scheduled for a inducement at 5pm. We got there and everything was going just as expected. The doctors started the cervidil and boy, mommie and I went straight to sleep. Let’s fast forward to Tuesday, August 4th 6am. I woke mommie up nice and early! The doctors started the pitocin and mommie was not happy. They checked her to see if I was coming and well, you know me! I'm stubborn, just like her! I wasn't ready just yet so no surprise that I haven't made any progress from last weeks appointment where mommie was 2cm dilated, but those darn drugs over powered me and they made mommie 100% effaced. Gee, thanks drugs! So we waited, waited and waited. At 9am, the doctor came in and I felt a poke and I swear mommie was joking that she was peeing her pants! Dirty Mommie! I knew at this point, I was gunna meet my mommie and daddie today! I had to stand my ground and after 4 or 5 checks, no progress! Woohoo...who is in charge of this brith? That's right, ME! The contractions were one on top of another but I held my head high! Mommie got some drugs that helped with all this pain. She breathed through the contractions, passed out, woke up and breathed through the next contraction. She repeated and repeated for the next 7 hours until about 6pm. Remember when I was holding my head high, well the doctor came in and he didn't like me doing that. The doctors pretty much gave mommie and daddie a choice; to wait me for to be ready or to do a c-section. Mommie cried because she was sad that I wasn't coming. I felt bad, but at the same time, all I could think about is that tough world outside of mommie. Mommie has done such an awesome job growing me, I was a little scared. By 7pm, the doctors got my mommie in surgrey and I was coming out rather I liked it or not. At 7:29 pm I got to meet my mommie and daddie for the first time! I was instantly in love with both of them, and I can tell they loved me too. I weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 20” long with blue eyes and blonde hair. I was perfect, mommie and daddie were perfect and everything was just prefect! My mommie, daddie and I were such champs at this new thing we had going on, we got to leave early from the hospital. Now, I'm living at home with them and boy, am I having fun. I get whatever I want! I just cry and bam! Bottle! Clean butt! And I get rocked to sleep! This is the life!

Well, that is the story of how I was born! I'm 8 mths old now, so much has happened between then and now. I hope to share with you more about me and my family as we can grow together now! Hope you enjoy!

(and mommie and daddie)